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Chocolate Milk Alternatives

This morning I was fortunate enough to be able to speak for another MOPS group on the topic of added sugars in our pre-packaged food items. I had so many questions afterward about chocolate milk and Ovaltine that I thought I’d talk about it here a bit.

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Are the onions working?

Just have to write a quick update. Last night both of my kids went to bed quite sick, my son in particular was miserably stuffed up. I put some White Flower Balm (has a menthol type of smell that is a natural Chinese medicine that I got from my Naturopath) on my sons chest and put on the humidifier. I left the bowl of onions by both of their beds but I was sure my son would be staying home from school the next day (today). I was amazed when I woke up to find him barely sniffling and feeling great. He went to school and seemed to feel just fine the entire day.

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Picture of onions and honey

Onions and Honey as an Immune Booster?

Well, it didn’t last. Both of my kids have colds. They’ve had onions, both cut and peeled and the opposite (peel on with ends cut) in bowls in their rooms. Apparently, this isn’t the miracle cure I was hoping for, but I haven’t given up hope yet since the onion was touted as keeping the flu away. So, the onions stay. Now, I can try the onion cough syrup and onion poultice if my kids will put up with it.

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Steel Cut Oats in the crockpot

One thing that I love about speaking at different MOPS groups is that I always end up learning something new myself! At a recent MOPS talk I gave one woman shared that she made steel cut oats overnight with the use of her crockpot. What a fabulous idea! So, I looked up some recipes online and I’m going to give it a try.

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Exploring Sprouted Grains

I grind my own flour from various grain berries, bake my own bread, can my own peaches, pears and tomatoes and make my own ricotta. However, come to find out, there is actually a way that I could spend more time in the kitchen. I could sprout my own grains. Sprouting one’s own grains is basically turning a grain back into a vegetable.

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Last week I was visiting my Naturopath and we were discussing alternative sweeteners. She asked if I had tried Xylitol. I told her I’d heard of it and knew it was good at protecting against cavitites but that I had yet to try it. She recommended it and said you could use it one to one in place of sugar. I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners and am unwilling to use them, however, since xylitol is considered an alternative sweetener, not artificial, I thought I’d give it a try.

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MOPS talk

Today I was lucky enough to get to speak at another MOPS group! What a privilege to have the attention of seventy something mother’s who rarely get to actually sit down to a hot meal and concentrate on anything other than the demands of their children. We talked about added sugars in pre-packaged foods. We converted grams to tsps (4 grams = 1 tsp) and looked at how much sugar some pre-packaged foods contain.

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Lesson on the Glycemic Index

The “glycemic index” is a measure of how a given food affects blood-glucose levels, with each food being assigned a numbered rating.

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Contaminated Chicken

I just read Consumer Reports January 2010 article “How safe is that chicken?” CR tested multiple brands and types (organic vs. conventional) of chicken to see just how much of the chicken in store refrigerators is contaminated with salmonella and campylobacter. These two bacterium result in the definition of “food poisoning” and the results are truly disgusting!

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Alleviate Dry Skin Naturally

I think I may dry up and blow away at any moment in time. It doesn’t help that I’ve already got dry to skin to begin with. But you add frigid temp’s with blue skies and you’ve got a lizard awaiting it’s new skin. I haven’t washed my hair in about 4 days in hopes that a bit of the natural oil will eek out and keep my reflection from resembling a scarecrow.

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Keeping Chickens Happy

My saga as a chicken farmer started a year and a half ago. My neighbor, myself and our kids trotted (okay, well, we drove) eagerly to the feed store and picked out 12 baby chicks one fine spring day. Hoping for all girls (but knowing we’d likely end up with a few roosters), we picked out our little fluff balls and raced them home to a heat lamp. Two roosters later, many coyote snatches, and a magnificent bald eagle gobbling one down in the front yard, we each have exactly 1 of our original “girls” left.

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Why the Claim “Paraben Free” Matters to You!

The claim “paraben free” has begun to show up on many personal care product labels.  But what exactly is a paraben and why is it a good thing that it’s not in my shampoo? There are 4 common types of parabens that you will typically see listed on a label: methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl. […]

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